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Do you walk your dog?
Or does your dog walk you?

Using a collar on a pulling dog does not stop it from pulling and may damage your pets trachea. Using a standard harness encourages your pet to pull harder. In fact, Alaskan dog sledders use standard type harnesses to allow the dogs more leverage to pull forward. 
 It fits on your dog like a normal harness, but the lead from dog to handler is moved further down the animal's back, giving the handler more control. In addition to its effectiveness, our harness is the most humane way to take control of your pulling pet. By putting next to no pressure on the animal's trachea, our harness will never leave your beloved pet coughing after a long walk.

Our leashes are designed to stretch like a bungee with a comfortable grip like a ski rope handle. When your dog pulls, the leash stretches while the harness contracts, working together to keep pet and parent safe, happy, and walking. 

Our 'No-Pull' products are made right here at home in the USA, and we are so glad you've decided to give us a shot.

Get ready for the best walk ever.

Our Story

My wife and I are animal lovers.

When we started this company ten years ago, we had a problem. Our 100lb dog was impossible to walk. His name was Coach. 

Coach's breed was used in WWI & II to pull ammunition carts. We love walking our pets, but as Coach grew from a puppy to a dog he became almost impossible to handle. Our teenage daughter completely gave up because she was tired of being pulled down to the ground, my wife was tired of having no control and feeling like she was being walked, and I was tired of the constant battle and embarrassment.

We tried all the traditional methods but nothing worked. It was always the same fight with the same results. One day we came across a product that had a completely different method of control. We brought it home and instantly saw a 100% improvement. Our daughter was not only able to walk Coach, but walk Coach and our smaller dog, Einstein, together with the super coupler, a two leash tangle free system.

That was a decade ago, and since then we have lost our beloved companion and mascot, Coach, but his legacy lives on. We love watching the relief on exasperated pet parents' faces after they try our harnesses and experience the instant difference.

We are so glad you are here, and we can't wait for you to experience the best walk ever.

Bruce & Tami